Full time VIP chef (fine dining) included, in peak season only (groceries excluded) 01 July - 31 August Mykonos High offers exclusive, luxurious privacy at its 20,000m2 estate at the top of the highest Mykonos hill of Kounoupas. The Villa is a complex of 4 independent suites with ensuite bathrooms and a guest house with kitchen and private terrace. Decorated and furnished in earth light tones, each bedroom differs from the others, tailored to meet the highest expectations and has naturally made mattresses made of coco leaves and seaweed . Privacy is beyond mention. The uninterrupted and panoramic view of sunset and Mykonos island is unique and offers the perfect chilling as well as party spot. Mykonos high is a place, where you get connected with your friends and nature. The living experience bond you with your beloved ones and create a unique travel memory. The Villa boasts a lounging area , 2 different bars, a two levels pool surrounded by rocks, an amphitheater with a hammock, an arena, a helipad, party lights and professional music equipment offer you everything you need to enjoy your vacations and make any kind of private events. We believe that each person is unique, and so does Mykonos High. Complex of 5 deferent white – washed buildings, at the peak of the island’s hill named Kounoupas, will leave you breathless with the exquisite endless view of the Aegean Sea and almost all the Cyclades islands. Once you stay in Mykonos High Villa, your vacation standards will never be the same.
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