For those who see an advantage in developing their relationships, who wish to expand business benefits and pleasure opportunities:
PRIVILEGED CARD is the best choice.
- We are updating the multiple entry trip for 5 years with the period of stay for each visit increased to 1 year.
- VIP-meeting and escort of the owner of the PRIVILEGED CARD by personal Assistants at the airport upon international arrival or departure.
- Accelerated procedures for passing passport control and registration of immigration.
- Providing a free premium car upon arrival, to the place of residence, as well as from them - to the airport upon departure.
- Golf: Paid golf fees up to 24 times a year.
- SPA: free SPA treatments (up to 24 times a year).
- Medical services: free medical examinations.
- Establishing business contacts, immigration services, simplifying the procedure for obtaining a driver's license and work permit.
- Benefits of duty-free shopping at King Power and special discounts at restaurants and malls.
- English, Russian, Chinese - round-the-clock service;
The period of validity of the Personal Privileged Card is 20 years.


  • The terms and conditions for Privileges in the E-Privilege shall be incorporated into and form part of the relevant Thailand Elite Membership Agreement (“Agreement”) for each Member. Words defined in the Agreement shall have the same meanings as in the E-Privilege.
  • Unless otherwise stated in the relevant Agreement for each Member, the following general terms and conditions of privileges will apply:
  • Prior to usage of any Privilege hereunder, the Member is required to present their card to the relevant Service Providers, as the card is a proof of your Membership identity. The card is non-transferable, and can only be used by the Member whose name and photo appears on the card.
  • Signatures as appearing on: a) the reverse side of the card, b) on the Thailand Elite Membership application form, and c) in the passport, will be required from the Member for the use of any services, benefits and privileges in the E-Privilege.
  • Benefits, privileges and services as well as Service Providers in the E-Privilege may be changed from time-to-time by the participating company(the“ Company”) without prior notice. Therefore, please contact the Member Contact Center to confirm the availability of the privileges and/or make a reservation prior to using any services, benefits and privileges.
  • Certain services, benefits, and privileges of the relevant Service Providers are occasionally offered for an exclusive period of time. As a result, the
  • JHDJDavailability of services, benefits, and privileges of these Service Providers may normally be modified and/or suspended and/or cancelled from time-to-time without prior notice.
  • Pursuant to the terms and conditions as stated in the E-Privilege, should the Member cancel a reservation for certain services, the Member must notify the Member Contact Center well in advance, otherwise the Member shall be obliged to pay the penalty to PLC Privileged Card & Palma Corp. at the applicable rate for the relevant privileges as stated in the E-Privilege. In the event that the Member accrues “no shows” or “late cancellations”, all privileges may be suspended until the Member pays all penalties and submits proof of the payment to PLC Privileged Card & Palma Corp.
  • The Member agrees to incur any fees, charges, or other payment as stipulated in the Agreement, or the E-Privilege, or as imposed by the Service Providers within the time specified by the Service Providers or Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd.
  • All invoices for the fees, charges or any other payment owed by the Member to PLC Privileged Card & Palma Corp. will be sent to the Member as necessary.
  • As stipulated in the Agreement, PLC Privileged Card & Palma Corp. shall have the right to take appropriate action and/or withdraw all rights and privileges conferred to the Member and/or cancel the Membership should there be a breach of the relevant Agreement.
  • The E-Privilege may be amended by PLC Privileged Card & Palma Corp. on a regular basis. The Member agrees to comply with the terms and conditions as stipulated in the latest E-Privilege.
  • The Member agrees and acknowledges that at any time, and at PLC Privileged Card & Palma Corp. discretion, PLC Privileged Card & Palma Corp. may waive its right to demand of the Member any compliance with the terms and conditions of the relevant Agreement and/or terms and conditions of the E-Privilege. Such a waiver shall not affect any right of PLC Privileged Card & Palma Corp. to enforce the terms and conditions of the relevant Agreement and the terms and conditions of the E-Privilege at any time in the future.
  • Any of the privileges may be cancelled if they run counter to the laws of Thailand.

  • Spa:
  • Reservation6 hoursCancellation / Amendment5 hours
  • Golf:
  • Reservation1-7 days*Cancellation / Amendment1-7 days*
  • *Depending on the policy of each golf course
  • Annual Health Check-Up:
  • Reservation1 dayCancellation / Amendment5 Hours
  • Airport Service:
  • Arrival Reservation24 hours prior to estimated time of arrivalCancellation / Amendment12 hours prior to estimated time of arrival
  • Departure:
  • Reservation24 hours prior to pick-up timeCancellation / Amendment12 hours prior to pick-up time
  • Transfer Service:
  • Reservation24 hours prior to pick-up timeCancellation / Amendment12 hours prior to pick-up time
  • Bank Account Opening:
  • Reservation3 daysCancellation / Amendment1 day
  • Government Concierge:

Immigration Service / Work Permit / Driver’s License Reservation5-7 daysCancellation / Amendment1 working day

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