Designed personally by Andronis Miltiadis, this spacious 60m2 villa captures the magical views of the sun setting over the caldera. The Cycladic-style villa contains a large bedroom and living area and stylish bathroom. The 65m2 terrace includes an indulgent heated infinity pool. The villa is situated on Milostufili Hill, a minute’s walk from the main hotel, and is accessed via a private entrance ensuring total seclusion. Guests are welcome, however, to use the facilities at any of the Andronis Exclusive hotels. When reserving the villa, why not also book a private wine tasting on the terrace with the Andronis sommelier who will introduce you to the world of Santorini’s winemaking? Butler service is standard with the Villa along with complimentary arrival and departure transportation with a luxurious car. *Sunset Villa Aristotelis can accommodate up to two people.
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