If you are looking for a place that can cater to the needs of a big family or a large company of friends, then the MS301 is undoubtedly ideal for you. You will find it hard not to surrender to the comfort and luxury of this villa, as its numerous amenities will surely satisfy your every need. It consists of two bedrooms with king size beds but it also has an extra comfortable double bed and it can accommodate up to six people. The elegantly decorated and sunlit rooms with their calming ambiance will contribute to an even more enjoyable and refreshing stay. What is more, the private terrace that overlooks the beautiful caldera, as well as the famous volcano and the clear blue Aegean Sea will certainly have a mesmerizing and invigorating effect on you. One of the most alluring features of this villa is the outdoor heated plunge pool where you can relax and admire the panoramic view of the surrounding landscape that will remain engraved in your memory forever. Make sure that you also enjoy the beautifully furnished balcony that is equipped with a lovely sitting area and numerous sunbeds where you can lie back and make the most of the healing properties of natural sunlight.
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